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Step 1

  1. From Feed Management click Register alongside the feed to be added.
  2. Wait for the feed format autodetection to complete and then click Next to accept the auto-detected Format String or if necessary select the correct CSV format from the drop-down box:

Step 2

  1. Enter the name of the merchant or select a field that contains the merchant name by referring to the sample product record displayed below the registration form. Continue to select (or confirm if auto-selected) the fields from the feed that correspond to the Product Name, Description (optional), Image URL (optional), Buy URL and Price. If desired, enter category and/or brand information under the optional index fields section, or select corresponding fields from the feed.
  2. Click Register and Trial Import to register the feed and import the first 10 product records as a quick test to make sure that everything is working.
  3. Go to the home page of your site, and follow the link to Merchant A-Z and then click the name of the new merchant to browse through the product records and check that everything is OK.
  4. If everything is OK, return to the administration home page and click Import alongside the feed that you have just registered to import all product records. This process may take a few minutes for product feeds with several thousand records.