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Might finally need to upgrade.

Submitted by 2fer on Mon, 2020-07-20 19:14 in

Hello David,
I have the old (oulde?)13/03A version. I made my own template/css changes for css/html5 and then the SSL/TLS changes. It seems to be working OK up to PHP7 but now I see that other things (like WP) are asking for upgrades to PHP 7.4 and I thought before I click that change I should stop in and see whether that might not be a good idea with my PT sites. It seems that I am a few steps behind.

From looking at the changelog it seems I should think about upgrading. Because my templates and css are just fine but will need to be adapted I suppose, I am here to ask for your suggestion of whether I should be trying with 16/10A or go to 18/06A for an easier transition?

I migrated to better server conditions a few years ago and have been very happy with performance - but I do know I can't live in the past and need to make some adjustments and have put off this step because it seems that it could be like starting over.

Help? Do I just dive in and overwrite my old install or is it better to set it up in private and then move it online?

Thank you again for an immensely useful set of tools.

As always,

Submitted by support on Tue, 2020-07-21 06:36

Hello 2fer,

There's actually very little that needs to be changed for PHP 7 compatibility - there are more details and downloads of the modified files for all previous distributions in this thread.

Of course make sure you have a backup of your existing files before uploading the new versions and then if anything is not working perhaps because of modifications just let me know and I'll check it out further with you.

Regarding upgrading in general, I normally don't actually recommend this for the reasons you have given - having made lots of customisations, particularly to the template it is generally easier to "back port" any features from newer distributions that you wanted to incorporate and I'd be happy to point you in the right direction in that respect. Having said that, I have always been careful to avoid making changes that would impact on the template so one approach would be to make a test installation in a sub-directory just to try it out - install the latest distribution in a separate database, then apply your template to check everything out...


Submitted by 2fer on Tue, 2020-07-21 13:06

Thank you David,

I had applied the forward compatibility patches for 13/03A when they first came out, I was uncertain whether those would be sufficient for moving to PHP7.4 and going forward. So if that is all I would need, I am extremely grateful.

I would not be applying the 14/06A patch, is this correct?

I had gotten used to PHP versions with a longer life-cycle than what we are seeing today. I had only upgraded from 5.6 toward the end of 2018 and was surprised to see that Wordpress was requesting further upgrades so soon. It is fairly simple for me to upgrade or roll back the version of PHP for each domain separately but it is still an adventure of checking to see that no errors show up. Not so much on the PriceTapestry files as on WP and its various add-ons.

Your reliable assistance with every question has made this easier to move ahead.

Thank you!

Submitted by support on Tue, 2020-07-21 14:49


> I would not be applying the 14/06A patch, is this correct?

That's correct - the 13/03A patch is complete for the latest PHP 7.x+