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Can be used to change the location of the /feeds/ folder relative to /admin/. This can be useful if running multiple installations of Price Tapestry in category specific sub-directories and it would be convenient for each installation to share the same feed directory.


For use when debugging modifications. If set to TRUE, debug output (SQL and MySQL error message) is displayed if a query fails.


TRUE by default, this setting can be used to disable use of the Full Text index if required. In certain circumstances; particularly niche sites where users may be searching using product model numbers but without consistent formatting; the normal search method may produce better results.


FALSE by default, this setting can be used to enable inclusion of the description field in search. This may be useful on niche sites where significant product information may only exist in the description field. After enabling this feature, setup.php must be run again to create the additional indexes.


Holds an array of product information fields used by the registration and import process.


Holds an array of common fields names found in product feeds for each of the product information fields, and is used on Feed Registration Step 2 to auto-select fields.


Sets the method used to fetch remote URLs by the Automation Tool. Available options are "php" (default) and "curl".


Holds an array of file system paths to the unzip and gzip binaries used to automatically unzip feeds downloaded using the Automation Tool.


Holds an array of file system paths to the php binary used by the Support Info page to derive the CRON command line.


Only products with a name that has been configured in Product Mapping will be imported.


Display merchant, category brand and price filters on search result pages. Enabled (TRUE) by default.


Timezone of the installation for more accurate reporting of time values within the admin area.


Decimal point separator to use for price display.


FALSE by default. Set to TRUE for reverse order of price $config_currencyHTML display.


Regular expression used for processing of merchant, category and brand values and of product names for use in URLs.


Regular expression used for validation of permitted product feed filenames.


Merchant logo image filename extension.


Characters contained in this setting will not be stripped from feed category values prior to Filters being applied. For example (and default value) ">" is sometimes used in feed categories to describe a category hierarchy and this enables the use of an Explode filter using -1 as the Return Index to extract the product sub-category from such values.