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Ebay Modul

Submitted by McCloud on Sun, 2020-05-31 10:39 in

Hello David,

i see that a ebay modul exist. Is it possible to show the result on the product page like a second, third... merchant?

Thank you very much, Peter

Submitted by support on Mon, 2020-06-01 07:36

Hi Peter,

The latest API modules (for Amazon and eBay) use the ASYNC method so that the API calls do not slow down the product page loading time at all which is an important search engine optimisation consideration, however I do still have the earlier versions which loaded as part of the page to show API results below the price comparison table in Related Products format so if you'd like to give that a go let me known and I'll follow up by email with you...


Submitted by McCloud on Mon, 2020-06-01 10:01

Hello David,

i like the earlier version to show the API below the price comparison table.

Thank you very much, Peter