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Problem Feed Categories

Submitted by Tobix on Sun, 2020-03-22 08:31 in

Unfortunately in many Feeds I don't have the category available. How can I eliminate, I speak of thousands of products.
What could be a good solution?

My idea would be to manually switch products via "Product Mapping" ...

Submitted by support on Sun, 2020-03-22 09:16

Hi Tobix,

If you want to drop products with no category, you can add a Drop Record RegExp filter to the Category field, and in the text box on the configuration page for the filter enter:


That will match an empty value ( "^" is beginning of text anchor and "$" is end of text anchor, "/" are the delimiter characters for the RegExp ).

If using Product Mapping to set category manually instead of using the filter you can make a small modification to includes/admin.php to drop the record after all mappings have been applied if category is empty. To make category a required field, look for the following code at line 447:

    /* check product record for minimum required fields */
    if (!$importRecord["name"] || !$importRecord["buy_url"] || !$importRecord["price"]) return;

...and REPLACE with:

    /* check product record for minimum required fields */
    if (!$importRecord["name"] || !$importRecord["buy_url"] || !$importRecord["price"] || !$importRecord["category"]) return;

However, note that products dropped in this way would not (as it stands) be available to search for in the mapping tools so you might want to have a look at this mod which adds a shadow "products_all" table that contains all products so that you can continue working on mapping without products in the main products table...

Hope this helps!