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Listing hierarchy nav bar categories in extra columns

Submitted by bat on Mon, 2017-02-20 16:41 in

Hi David,
Just working with category hierarchy navigation on 15/09A and I've got quite a few categories, so many that the list actually ends up going off page and you have to scroll down to see the entire list of categories contents.
Is there anyway to get the category hierarchy navigation to list instead in numerous columns, for instance start a new column after every 10 categories? e.g. the navbar here {link saved}

just so users don't miss the categories that end up off screen?

Many thanks!

Submitted by support on Mon, 2017-02-20 17:28

Hello bat,

Please bear with me and I will look at this a on my test server - it needs to be achieved in a way that maintains the response functionality. In the mean time, it is no problem to simply link to the top level /category/ page where the full hierarchy can be navigated throughout - to do this, edit html/menu.php and look for the following code at line 21:

  <?php if (isset($config_useCategoryHierarchy) && $config_useCategoryHierarchy): ?>

...and REPLACE with:

  <?php if (FALSE): ?>


Submitted by bat on Mon, 2017-02-20 18:19

Cheers David.
I knew it wouldn't be straightforward as obviously the parent-child-child hierarchy response would still have to work but maybe over the top (z-index maybe?) of others listed on it.
Appreciate the help :)

Submitted by Retro135 on Thu, 2017-05-04 21:04

Am also experiencing this issue. Yes, going to only the parent isn't going to work as a merchant may not be listed in all the child cats. Any further ideas about this? Especially an issue on mobile.

Submitted by support on Fri, 2017-05-05 06:29


I'll experiment with an accordion style navigation for mobile which might work nicely - but just to confirm that the above modification to html/menu.php will link the Category A-Z to /category/ from where the entire hierarchy can be navigated, which will work fine on both mobile and desktop...