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Create Merchant Only Imports

Submitted by ItsDavid on Wed, 2016-12-21 20:51 in

Hi David,

My affiliate networks provide me data feeds of my approved advertisers only (no products) in these feeds so i am wondering.

Is it possible to create a merchant only import of these files that would allow me to import merchant name, logo, description of the merchant etc. some of them provide payout information and more.

Now the reason i would like to do this is because i work with 100's of merchants and daily i get emails of some of them being deactivated some for good and others temporary so in theory when my data feed does it's daily update it can automatically remove or simply hide these merchants and all of their products until the merchant shows up in the data feed again.

I am hoping this is possible because i would like to them map each product import to that merchant.

thank you for any help you can provide.

Best Regards


Submitted by support on Thu, 2016-12-22 11:40

Hi David,

`merchant` data, as with the category and brand indexes are derived from the products table, there is no separate merchants table at all, so for a merchant to appear on the site, it has to have products in the database.

Bear in mind that mappings are never deleted at all even if they don't apply currently to any products in the database, so if products come and go from a merchant's feed, and you have Product Mappings set-up for those products, they will re-apply once the merchant / their products re-appear in the feed set.