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Automation (CRON)

Automation scripts are located within the /scripts/ directory. They are intended to be executed from the command line, shell script (Linux servers), batch file (Windows servers) or in most cases as a cronjob set-up through your web hosting control panel or by shell (SSH) access to your web server.

Schedule cron.php to run daily or as required to:

  1. Run all Automation Tool jobs
  2. Import all feeds

To view the full PHP command line (PHP CLI) specific to your installation including a change directory (cd) command to the /scripts/ folder go to Tools > Support Info where you will see for example:

cd /home/example/htdocs/scripts;/usr/bin/php cron.php

The above command line format is recommended, for example if setting up CRON via SSH access to your web hosting account using crontab -e however the scripts do attempt to change directory internally so if the CRON section of your web hosting control panel only provides the option to enter the full path to a PHP script this can be used instead, for example:

Some web hosting control panels simplify the process of setting up a cronjob by offering a choice of pre-defined schedules for example "Daily at midnight". If you have more control over the timing of cronjob execution, consider scheduling your cronjob for early morning for example 6AM, so that the process is run after any overnight price updates by merchants.

Use the links below for more information about each automation script: