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Category Mapping

Category Mapping enables you to create a single master category name to be used in place of any number of alternative names that might be found in different feeds. For example, let's say you have 2 feeds containing televisions, but one feed uses the category "TVs", and the other uses "Television". You could create a Category Mapping to import all these products under the single category "Televisions". From Category Mapping you can use the links to Product Mapping to filter the Product Mapping functionality by Custom Category.

Creating a new Category Mapping

  1. Enter the name of a new single master category that you wish to use, e.g. "Televisions", and click Add.

Configuring a Category Mapping

  1. Enter alternative category names (or sufficient keywords to identify alternatives) into the text box, one per line. You can also specify an exact match by using an equals sign (=) at the start of a line. Click Save to store the new mapping.
  2. The new mapping will not take complete effect until all affected feeds have been imported.

Category Search

A Category Search form is displayed alongside the Alternatives box when configuring a Category Mapping. Enter keyword(s) and click Search to locate matching categories. You can then click the « button alongside the search box to add the current search term as a keyword match, and this will apply the mapping to all results shown in the results list.

Alternatively, if the results are too broad, you can select one or more categories from the results and click the « button alongside the results to add the selected categories as an exact match. You can also double-click a single item to add that result as an exact match.