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  1. Unzip the distribution into a temporary directory on your local computer.
  2. Open the file config.php.dist (shown below) into a text editor, and then save it as config.php after making any changes as required for your server. Click here for a description of each variable.

    "Site Title";
    $config_charset "utf-8";
    $config_baseHREF "/";
    $config_useRewrite FALSE;
    $config_useRelated FALSE;
    $config_useTracking FALSE;
    $config_currencyHTML "";
    $config_resultsPerPage 10;
    $config_databaseServer "localhost";
    $config_databaseUsername "";
    $config_databasePassword "";
    $config_databaseName "";
    $config_databaseTablePrefix "pt_";
    $config_adminPassword "";

  3. Upload the files and directory structure to your web server.
  4. Browse to setup.php. The following should be displayed:

    Checking database connection...PASS
    Checking database selection...PASS
    Checking database tables...FAIL [click here to install tables]

  5. Click the link to install the database tables. This completes the basic setup process. You can now proceed to administer your website by following the link to the /admin/ subdirectory.

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