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Additional Installation Steps

Enabling Search Engine Friendly URLs (Apache Web Server)

Rename htaccess.txt from the distribution to .htaccess after making any changes to RewriteBase at line 5 as required if your Price Tapestry installation is in a sub-directory of your website, for example:

RewriteBase /shopping/

To enable, edit config.php and change line 8 as follows:

  $config_useRewrite = TRUE;


The distribution contains a sample robots.txt file as robots.txt.dist. Review the file and make any changes as required and rename to robots.txt. The sample file discourages indexing the category and brand A-Z pages in favour of the Merchant A-Z which is guaranteed to link to all product pages on your site.

XML Sitemap

If you have a Google Search Console account you can submit the full URL to the sitemap.php script in your Price Tapestry installation. The script returns a sitemap index linking to individual sitemaps per feed. A sitemap entry may also be added to robots.txt, if using, for example:


Custom Pages

The distribution contains a template file example.php that can be used as the basis for additional content pages such as an "About Us" or "Privacy Policy". A commented out section in html/menu.php shows how to add links to custom pages in the right-aligned section of the navigation bar:

    <section class='top-bar-section'>
      <ul class='right'>
        <li><a href='/example.php'>Example Page</a></li>