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Submitted by Tobix on Mon, 2021-09-20 20:08 in

How can I combine each store with its own payment method by inserting an icon such as here?
I had thought of associating an image to each store and recalling it you can during the search.

Submitted by support on Tue, 2021-09-21 08:30

Hello Tobix,

The easiest way to insert merchant specific information / icons would be via image files with a base name exactly matching the merchant name, so if you create a folder "icons" and inside that folder for each merchant their payment icons in an image file e.g;

icons/Merchant Name 1.png
icons/Merchant Name 2.png

Then to display the icon in the price comparison table (html/prices.php) add a column for the icon and in the loop with the <td>...</td> use something like;

  if (
"<img class='icon' src='".$config_baseHREF.$iconFilename."' />";

And finally add to html/default.css the dimensions of your icon images so that page rendering isn't impacted e.g.

.icon {
  width: 64px;
  height: 64px;

Hope this points you in the right direction!


Submitted by Tobix on Tue, 2021-09-21 17:09

Hi, David,
Unfortunately it doesn't work :(

Submitted by support on Wed, 2021-09-22 07:54

Hi Tobix,

Apologies I had missed out $config_baseHREF from the image src - corrected above, that should be all it is...


Submitted by Tobix on Mon, 2021-10-04 14:20

NO Work! :(

Submitted by support on Mon, 2021-10-04 14:46

Hi Tobix,

Do the icons images themselves show as expected if you browse to the icon files directly e.g. Name.png

Please bear with me on the featured products / search results average price mod, it won't actually work the same way as for the price comparison table, let me know once you have this issue resolves and I'll help you out further with that...


Submitted by Tobix on Tue, 2021-10-05 16:18

Maybe I'm doing something wrong.
I wanted this to appear in the pages:
searchresults.php and Product.php.
I do not need to appear in the price table also because I will need to appear in the price table also because I will need a little bit of everything.

Submitted by Tobix on Tue, 2021-10-05 20:23

Good! I did everything to the letter and I must say that NOW WORKS!