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Strange Error Happening

Submitted by tommo101 on Fri, 2019-09-13 14:56 in

Hi there,

I've just recently moved to a new dedicated server, have updated all the software and the server is working fine and pages are being displayed properly. It's running PHP 7.2

I've imported one of my websites from the old serber and the site shows up properly. The existing feed is in place and everything from that is in the database just fine and they all display properly.


When I go to Admin > Setup > Automation Tool and press run to import the latest version of my feeds, i'm having an issue.

The feed appears to download fine to the /feeds directory, but upon unzipping, it then vanishes. It's like the server is deleting the unzipped feed. I tried deleting the old feed in case it was having an issue overwriting the file, but nope, the newly unpacked feed still simply vanishes.

I've never had this happen on any server i've had in all my years and it's got me baffled.

Have you got any idea what could be causing this to happen? Do I need to turn on a php module that i've not thought about or something?

Any ideas would be very gratefully recieved.

Submitted by support on Sat, 2019-09-14 12:04


The unzip process first tries to use PHP's zip library but if not installed tries to exec() the unzip program so it may be the case that neither are in place on your new server. The PHP module I think is php-zip, installing / enabling that should be all you need to do, or alternatively install unzip on the server...

Hope this helps!


Submitted by tommo101 on Tue, 2019-09-17 15:46

Thanks for the assist.

I checked exec() and that was fine as I'd not set any options to disabled for that at that point. Gzip was installed fine, but all of my files were set as zip. After doing some checks and trials I could get them working with gzip, so it meant there was an issue with the unzipping with zip. Zip was present on the server, so when I searched for it it showed up fine, but after further checks it turns out it somehow was not active, so after doing a reinstall of that and ensuring it was active, all is back working fine again now.

This is why I don't move servers very often, too many things to check, hard to remember all that had been changed since first setting the last one up.