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Migrated, lost product mapping, feeds etc.

Submitted by PS on Wed, 2019-04-17 16:17 in

Hi David,

We migrated to a new host and everything (database etc) was carried over. It seems like it all went fine on the frontend, i.e. comparison tables show fine, however, when you click a link it doesn't go anywhere. Also, all product mapping seems to have gone as well as feed registration. Where is this admin data normally stored? I thought it would be in the database somewhere, but perhaps not?

Thanks for any help as usual! :)

Submitted by support on Thu, 2019-04-18 07:31


That's strange - yes it's all in the database. From /admin/, if you go to Tools > Backup and Restore you'll see the list of tables on the backup form so for a migration, if not making a full copy of the database you can just use a backup of all tables from the tool, and then on the new server use the restore function to re-create the database (other than products table), upload feeds or run all Automation Tool jobs and finally run a full import (or alternatively schedule a cronjob to run to fetch feeds and do the full import).

Clicking on a link and then not going anywhere, I'm wondering if you are viewing cached pages perhaps and aren't actually coming from the database at all - and then when requesting jump.php as the products table is empty the link goes nowhere (jump.php exits).

What is shown as the product count at the bottom of the /admin/ home page? Are you able to look into the database with your hosting control panel or phpMyAdmin to check the tables?