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Submitted by Retro135 on Mon, 2018-07-30 16:06 in

Hi David,
My InnoDB database bit the dust last week with. Installed newest version of mariadb, revised my.cnf. I had current PT and database table BUs. Have everything somewhat going again, but still have these errors which were present when mysql went down. Search, individual products, subsequent pages + these sections still display only blank pages:

{link saved}

The main / secondary category pages display the first page of results, show merchant & brand filter dropdowns and subsequent pages. If I select a merchant, brand, click a product or navigate to the next page, it's blank. When I view source, there's no content at all, no error code.

Displays fine:
{links saved}

I'm able to use import script and am importing individual merchants successfully.

How can this be fixed? Thank you!

Submitted by support on Tue, 2018-07-31 07:25


Regarding the blank pages; to check for both PHP and / or database errors, if you could temporarily enable database debug mode by changing line 6 in config.advanced.php as follows;

  $config_databaseDebugMode = TRUE;

...but also, enable full PHP error reporting by adding the following lines to the end of config.advanced.php:


Then view one of the URLs returning a blank page again, and there may be a database and / or PHP error displayed. If there is and you're not sure from the output where the problem lies; or of course if there is no difference, let me know what (if anything) is displayed and I'll check it out further with you...


Submitted by Retro135 on Tue, 2018-07-31 15:44

Cache cleared, all warnings displaying. This came up in the admin interface under Category Hierarchy Mapping:

Notice: Undefined variable: class in {path saved}/categories_hierarchy.php on line 110

line 110:
$sql = "SELECT DISTINCT(merchant) FROM `".$config_databaseTablePrefix."products` ORDER BY merchant";

Submitted by support on Wed, 2018-08-01 02:51


Please could you email me admin/categories_hierarchy.php for reference and I'll follow this up with you...