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New Distribution - 18/06A

Submitted by support on Wed, 2018-05-09 12:02 in

Hi everyone,

New distribution 18/06A is now available to download.

This is primarily a maintenance release but includes some new admin functionality;

- Filters and Global Filters - Search and Replace RegExp filter added (originally posted here on the forum) which so many users have added due to its flexibility.

- Filters and Global Filters - Added {fieldname} placeholder support for Text Before / Text After filters where fieldname refers to the fields being prepared for import (and therefore as affected by preceding filters) - one of merchant, name, price, category, brand, image_url, description or any custom field. This is in addition to the %FIELDNAME% placeholders, where FIELDNAME refers to any field from the feed, as displayed in the sample data below the form on Feed Registration Step 2.

- Category Hierarchy Mapping - Edit All function added to Reverse Mapping functionality.

- Voucher Codes - Added optional maximum spend to validity critera.

The distribution also includes SQL mode reset for compatibility with later MySQL / MariaDB default settings in some Linux distributions, a modification to sitemap.php so that feeds with zero imported products (for example as a result of a merchant close down or transient error not mitigated by a minimum size abort) are not included in the sitemap index and jQuery library update.