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Category Hierarchy Mapping

Category Hierarchy Mapping enables you to create your own category hierarchy and then map feed categories into the most appropriate position in your own hierarchy. By default only feed categories are used. To enable the Category Hierarchy on the front end the feature must be enabled by setting $config_useCategoryHierarchy to TRUE at line 92 in config.advanced.php as follows:

  $config_useCategoryHierarchy = TRUE;

Creating a Hierarchy

  1. Go to Data Management > Category Hierarchy Mapping.
  2. Click New at the position within the hierarchy at which to create a new sub category
  3. Enter the name of the new sub category and click OK.


To map feed categories into the required position in your hierarchy, click Configure alongside any sub category. Category Hierarchy Mapping in this way works exactly like basic Category Mapping.

Reverse Mapping

As an alternative (or as well as) configuration in the same way as basic Category Mapping you can individually map feed categories into the required position in your hierarchy with the Reverse Mapping tool. Click Reverse Mapping from the Category Hierarchy Mapping page to load the tool. Click Edit alongside any category you wish to map or Edit All to map all categories and then select the required position in your hierarchy from the drop-down box that will appear in place of the existing mapping(s) (if any). Click Save to save the modified mappings and return to the Category Hierarchy Mapping page.

Changes to Category Hierarchy Mapping will not take complete effect until all affected feeds have been imported.