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Pagination Not Appearing

Submitted by courier on Thu, 2017-12-21 00:16 in

After putting it off for a few years I have been carrying out a site redesign and have changed some of the original structure names, eg search.php now new-search.php. Everything is displaying good except the pagination now does not appear. Have you any suggestions? new-search.php still calls the original navigation.php.

Submitted by support on Thu, 2017-12-21 09:10


One thing to check when working on design is to view the source to confirm that the content has definitely not been generated rather than just not being displayed but is present in the HTML source. Go to a search results page and then use the View > Source function in your web browser and look for the » entity which is part of the navigation HTML.

You could also make sure that error reporting is enabled as this is often not the case (especially on product servers) - you can enable temporarily by adding the following code to the end of config.php - just before the closing ?> tag:


Hope this helps!