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New Distribution - 16/10A

Submitted by support on Mon, 2017-01-16 12:38 in

Hi everyone,

New distribution 16/10A is now available to download.

This is primarily a maintenance release but includes two new features;

- Shopping List functionality now included in the 16/10A distribution version of the Responsive HTML Plus template. This feature is implemented using cookies. To activate Shopping List, set $config_useShoppingList to TRUE at line 98 of config.advanced.php

- Product Meta Data, implemented as an extension to the Product Mapping functionality which can be used to manage arbitrary custom meta data on a per-product basis that would ordinarily need to be provided manually, i.e. not contained within fields available in your feeds. Full details can be found in the updated documentation here

As usual, I don't recommend "upgrading" an existing installation as many users make lots of customisations and modifications. Instead a standalone Shopping List patch is available for 15/09A - full details here, and if anyone would be interested in adding the Product Meta Data feature to an existing installation just let me know what distribution you are currently running and I'll provide a patch / modification instructions.


Submitted by sirmanu on Wed, 2017-01-18 19:51

Hi David. If you don't mind, can I have more information about adding Product Meta Data to 15/09?
Thank you for your awesome work, again!

Submitted by support on Thu, 2017-01-19 09:03

Thank you for your comments!

To add Product Meta Data functionality to an existing 15/09A installation:

1) Run the following dbmod.php script (from top level of Price Tapestry installation) to add the new `meta` field to the `productsmap` table:

$sql "ALTER TABLE `".$config_databaseTablePrefix."productsmap`
            ADD `meta` TEXT NOT NULL default ''"

2) Extract admin/productsmap_configure.php from the 16/10A distribution and upload over the top of the existing version from 15/09A (assuming no changes made to that file of course - if you have made mods and need to merge, let me know...)

3) Extract a temporary local copy of includes/tapestry.php from the 16/10A distribution, locate the tapestry_productMeta() function beginning at line 537 and copy into the includes/tapestry.php file of your 15/09A installation.

Hope this helps!