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Submitted by babyuniverse on Fri, 2016-06-03 11:25 in

Hi David,

I am having trouble with by Brand AtoZ at {link saved}

It seems to cut off the majority of brands, however they are visible in the view source code.

The Merchants and Category AtoZ seem to work ok. It looks like the scroll bar is missing for some reason.

Have you seen this before?


Submitted by support on Fri, 2016-06-03 11:58

Hi Richard,

I can't immediately see any specific problem (as page is generated by the same code that generates Merchant / Category A-Z) however there are a couple of markup errors in the HTML of your sidebar that could be affecting things so that would be worth fixing first incase that is all it is.

Using Firefox's View > Source tool, it looks like the closing </ul> tags of both the "Categories" and "Brands" lists in your sidebar are missing. As far as I can tell they're the only errors on the page so if you could check that, see if that makes any difference and if not I'll check it out further with you of course...


Submitted by babyuniverse on Fri, 2016-06-03 12:13

Thanks David,

I don't think that is the reason as I was just recently playing around with sidebar categories. I have now completely removed them and the brand page still isn't showing correctly.

You can see the brand menu see,s to work, that is using a different file called header_atoz
I will try and copy that code and see if I can replicate the menu on the brand page.


Submitted by babyuniverse on Fri, 2016-06-03 12:25

Found the issue, it was actually a overflow:hidden in #brands CSS
Not sure why it was there, but everything seems ok now

Submitted by support on Fri, 2016-06-03 12:29

Thanks for the update!


Submitted by Deanh01 on Fri, 2019-04-19 21:51

I am having the same issue how did you solve it?

Thank You

Submitted by support on Tue, 2019-04-23 09:42

Hello Dean,

The above sounds like it was a CSS issue, related to modifications to include index items in a sidebar.

If you're still having the same problem would you be able to post a link to the page where the brands are being hidden (I'll remove before publishing your reply) and I'll take a look for you...


Submitted by Deanh01 on Tue, 2019-04-23 19:26

Hi David
It seems to be working now. I think it was related to the slow import only part of the feeds were getting uploaded. I have increased the slow import block and am getting more of the feeds. But not all of them yet.

Thank You