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Merchant Logos _ featured product title length

Submitted by paullas on Sun, 2016-01-17 10:51 in

Hi David.

Can you tell me how i can download and display all merchant logos.
Also how can i limit the featured product title length.

Many thanks


Submitted by support on Sun, 2016-01-17 14:04

Hi Paul,

Merchant logos can either be uploaded using the Merchant Logos tool via /admin/ (Content Management menu) or simply by uploading the logo image files directly to the /logos/ folder of your Price Tapestry installation, with filenames exactly matching the merchant names registered in your installation, plus the defined image file extension defined in config.advanced.php at line 96:

  $config_logoExtension = ".img";

So for the merchant "Merchant 1" on your site, you would upload the logo file:

/logos/Merchant 1.img

Be sure to include spaces etc. exactly as the merchant name appears on your site. Web browsers do not (initially at least) use the file extension of an image to determine its format as this is entirely contained within the image data itself so using the generic .img means you can safely upload logo files in any format.

To reduce the length of the product name in Featured Products display, you can use the built-in tapestry_substr() function that will limit the length of the name displayed to the next SPACE character after the length specified, so in html/featured.php, within line 11 look for where the product name is displayed using:

<?php print $product["name"]; ?>

...and REPLACE with:

<?php print tapestry_substr($product["name"],50); ?>

...and that will limit the length of the product name displayed to 50 characters, or the next SPACE thereafter...

Hope this helps!