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Multiple Featured Products Sections

Submitted by support on Tue, 2015-08-11 13:16.

Hi everyone,

This is a popular request so I thought I would document through the forum a simple way to implement segregated groups of featured products on the home page instead of simply displaying the configured Featured Products in a single area.

I have already introduced the concept of sections within the shortcodes supported by for WordPress / Joomla, and the technique is straight forward to implement within standalone Price Tapestry.

To designate different groups of featured products, simply prefix the product names with a suitable section name (e.g. a category name for example, or simply section1, section2 etc. followed by a forward slash to separate the section name from the product name, e.g.

section1/Product 1
section1/Product 2
section2/Product 3
section2/Product 4

With the required products configured, download and extract featuredSection.php and upload to the top level folder of your Price Tapestry installation.

Finally, remove all Featured Products related code from index.php and replace with multiple instances of the following code as required:

  $featuredSection["section"] = "section1";

The above instance, with Featured Products configured as above would display on Product 1 and Product 2. Of course your output would ordinarily involve titles etc., so within an HTML section anywhere within your site, you could use something like:

<h1>Featured Blue Widgets</h1>
  $featuredSection["section"] = "blue";
<h1>Featured Red Widgets</h1>
  $featuredSection["section"] = "red";

Each section of Featured Products will be displayed with your template's html/featured.php HTML module.

Hope this helps!