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When I import it sends me to /wp-admin/...

Submitted by RWeb on Mon, 2015-04-27 17:09 in


When I click import and slow import on any feed (well genereally the larger ones) more often than not it sends me to, this has always happened with slow import but now happens with the normal import too.

Somethings it has actually imported correctly sometimes only part, sometimes not at all.

Can I chage the timeout length if thats what it is? Any ideas?


Submitted by support on Mon, 2015-04-27 17:58

Hi there,

I know you've been using the script for several years now and prior to 14/06A the DELETE phase of running a slow import was performed in a single request of the script, and for a large installation with many thousands of products this process itself can take several seconds, so may be going over the time limit for your server.

As of 14/06A I updated the slow import process so that products are deleted in blocks in the same way as the import itself takes place, so if you're running 13/03A if you would like to email me the version of admin/feeds_import_slow.php from your Price Tapestry installation I'll back port this change for you.

Otherwise, if you're running a later distribution, let me know and I'll check it out further with you, in which case if you could confirm the Price Tapestry installation folder relative to the top level of your website (e.g. /pt/ if using Price Tapestry with for WordPress) as I'm not sure why a timeout redirect should go to /wp-admin/ which is the typical URL of the WordPress admin area...