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Submitted by ChrisNBC on Mon, 2015-03-16 13:17 in

Hi David,

Hope you had a good weekend.

Back in October last year you very kindly gave me some code so that I could generate page headings and main section heading based on sidebar selections. This worked perfectly until recently but now only seems to update the header and title if/when the 'filter' button' is clicked after filter selection. Since the pages include AJAX it's unlikely the user will ever need to use the 'filter' button to apply their selection so the titles and heading rarely get displayed. I wondered if you might be able to suggest a way the heading and title could be updated along with the AJAX refresh?. Also, I'm wondering if would might be able to suggest a way I could set the page meta title, description and keywords using the same code?

Thanks in advance.


Submitted by support on Tue, 2015-03-17 08:47

Hello Chris,

It's unlikely that updating the page title upon the result of an AJAX style refresh will have any SEO benefits since it would never been seen by search engines anyway - the updated title would only ever be seen by the human visitor initiating the filter change.

What I would suggest perhaps is creating a <noscript> version of the filters - which would only be displayed if a visitor did not have JavaScript enabled (and therefore unable to use the AJAX initiated filters), but would also be available to search engines to use the normal filter links and therefore see the updated title / meta tags etc.

If that makes sense / something you'd like to try, if you could email me your current html/searchfilters.php i'll refresh my memory with the currency approach and see how a <noscript> version could be implemented...