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Price Tapestry as Directory Script?

Submitted by Milano on Mon, 2014-10-20 08:37 in


Price Tapestry is fast, ultra-light and no-limit script :) ...and now I want to try use PT as company directory script by adding some new fields (street, zip-code, city, tel, email, GPS, etc.). I was testing many directory scripts but after import tens of thousands entries even dedicated server was slow down. I wonder, can anyone tried to change PT to directory script?

Submitted by support on Mon, 2014-10-20 09:52

Hello Milano,

I'm not really familiar with the requirements of a directory script, but it's straight forward to add custom fields such as those mentioned and then display on the product page. See this page for full details, including how to add indexes and modify search.php to include the new fields in search...