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Creation of a Mobile Friendly Mirror

Submitted by EIF Media on Wed, 2014-01-01 19:15 in

...and I thought I was finished!

Hello again David,

I've been tweaking my code and I'm really happy with it on desktop and ipad, but it looks horrible on mobile devices so I am planning to build a mobile mirror site ( as opposed to

I have followed the tutorial here: but amending .htaccess as described just returns a blank site, presumably because price tapestry is a little more advanced than the blog sites this is aimed at.

Can you tell me how I can build my mirror site in such a way that I wouldn't need to duplicate administrative tasks (register/import feeds, apply filters etc.) if it is at all possible?

Or do you have any other recommendations (beyond hacking away at my .css!)

Thanks again!

Submitted by support on Thu, 2014-01-02 09:47

Hi Dan,

The easiest way, is let's say you have your main, desktop installation at simply create the a subdomain installation with an identical config.php - so it will be pointing at the same database as and then from the you can remove the following folders


...because all feed administration etc. will be carried out from your www. installation. You can then make your folder (and as required. Don't forget that there is the mobile template available for download which you might like to use as a starting point. I created this long before the "mobile revolution" and responsive web design so the ultimate way forward would be a responsive design which I shall certainly be considering as part of the next upgrade to Price Tapestry but that should give you a good starting point. Once up and running, if you're not sure about options for automatic redirection from www.m (and vice versa if a user would prefer the desktop version) let me know as there's a couple of header / .htaccess tricks that can be used...