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Basic Setup questions

Submitted by anil m on Mon, 2013-11-11 11:02 in

Hello David

Thanks very much for your solutions for my website. I managed to apply the language changes you mentioned, and have picked off many of your solutions from the forum to help.
I am however a newbie to this, and am now stuck. Could you help?

4. Regarding point 2 (above), could you let me know how to go about filtering prices through search results. Could you also maybe get me started as to how to dynamicaly apply the dropdown lists selections to the search results? Also, any update on the category mapping?

5. Regarding point 3 (above), I've made changes to the scripts as suggested, but for some reason I can't pick up the shipping cost field from ebay (I wanted to exclude anyone that did not state a shipping rate to spain, and add it to the price).

6. If someone searches for the word television (in english), could the results also include the equivalent translation of the word from other european sites?

7. On the results section, for some reason I can't output whether items are new/used, buy it now etc (my calls just appear blank for these), and prices from the UK appear in €s. Also, is there a way of showing the number of results called from amazon/ebay?

My apologies for the many questions.

Submitted by support on Mon, 2013-11-11 12:04

Hello Anil and welcome to the forum!

Re 1;

I think you want to use $_SERVER["REQUEST_URI"] instead, and include the leading "/" - that should be all it is - have a go with something like:

case "/index.php?lang=es": // Spanish
$translate["Only New"] = "Nuevo";
$translate["New & Used"] = "Nuevo y Usado";

Re: 2;

The site search filters only apply to datafeed results. I'll investigate whether a price range can be submitted to the basic Amazon / eBay queries and follow up for you, but if not, and if you wished, it would be straight forward to manually filter API results by the same price range used by search results (although this may of course mean no API results would be displayed). At the same time, I'll look at querying the category list - this may not be straight forward however for the same reasons that Category Mapping exists to tie together different merchant categories - but I know there are lots of API features for both Amazon and eBay so I'll take a look...

Re: 3;

The first step would be to add a new custom field, say shippinges to your site following the standard instructions in this thread. Then, when registering a feed that has shipping costs to spain included you can select the appropriate field on Feed Registration Step 2 (where there will be a new drop down box for the shippinges field (labelled by whatever you choose in $config.advanced.php when adding the new field).

If however you have feeds that don't have the shipping cost to Spain included but you know that it is a fixed amount then you can set-up the custom field to work like the Category and Brand fields whereby you can enter a custom value on Feed Registration Step 2. This is documented in this comment - it's a little more complex modification than a standard custom field so if you're not sure about the changes at all just let me know and I'll forward the modified files for you based on the custom field name you have added.

Hope this helps!