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Product BuyUrl Link Not Working Correctly To Merchant's Site

Submitted by Rocket32 on Fri, 2013-10-18 03:26 in

I changed a PT site to another Hosting company. PHP Automation Handler Not Offer, Curl Automation is Offered (SET To TRUE). I have a strange problem with buyurl pointing to Merchant's home page after being clicked. I put User Tracking to False to disable Jump.php. If I copy the produt target link from my Price Tapestry Site's product page & paste it into the browser, It takes me to the correct product BuyUrl page. But if I click on the same link that I copied on my Price Tapestry site, it takes me to the Merchant's home page. I switched browsers & get the same response. It appears the link is imported correctly. Its just not registering correctly after clicked from anywhere within the PT Site. It also is appearing correctly on the PT site.

Submitted by support on Fri, 2013-10-18 07:30

Hi Rocket32,

Could you perhaps let me know an example product page URL (I'll remove before publishing your reply) and also let me know the filename of the feed - i'll check it out on the page and also download the feed from your /feeds/ folder to my test server and check it all out for you...


Submitted by Rocket32 on Sat, 2013-10-19 00:01

Here is a url of one of the product pages; {link saved}

The feed location is {link saved}

It all worded fine on the other Host account. I must note this account also is not Cpanel. It is powered by vDeck4.

Submitted by support on Sat, 2013-10-19 08:49

Hi Rocket32,

Thanks! The URL as it appears on your site is absolutely fine, what I think is happening is that something on the merchant's server is checking the HTTP referrer and depending on some condition is deciding to re-direct to the home page rather than the product page.

What I did to test this was create a minimal HTML file as follows:

<a href='{deeplink here}'>Test</a>

I then used File > Open File in Firefox to load the HTML, clicked the link, and it worked fine.

Then, I viewed the same file from a web server running on my local machine using the URL

This time, when I clicked the link it was redirected to the merchant's home page.

There's definitely nothing wrong with your site / installation, so what I would do is contact the program manager for this program at the affiliate network, or the merchant themselves if it is an in-house program, and let them know that this is happening as they may not be aware. To put the scenario simply in a single sentence,

"The deeplinks contained in {feed URL from the network} work fine when pasted directly into the address bar of the web browser, but it appears that whenever there is an HTTP referrer (i.e. clicking on the link from another web page) the merchant's server is redirecting the click to their home page."