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How to create a right column/side-bar only

Submitted by Convergence on Sun, 2013-09-08 08:11 in


Found how to create a left column/side-bar only, and a left and right column/side-bar together - but was unable to find how to create a right column/side-bar only.

Any help is most appreciated.


Submitted by support on Mon, 2013-09-09 08:05

Hi Convergence,

For right side-bar only, have a go with:


<table width='100%'>
    <td valign='top'>


    <td valign='top'>
      <!-- insert your right column code here, you can use PHP tags -->

CSS has of course come on a long way since the above were first posted! I'll work out the best way to re-do these into HTML5/CSS3...


Submitted by Convergence on Tue, 2013-09-10 13:53

Hi David,

Thank you once again for your stellar support!