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Global Product filters Not working

Submitted by webie on Sun, 2013-05-26 20:56 in

HI Dave,

is there a way to apply global filters to all feeds?

When i set a filter per feed file all works as expected product gets dropped can i not apply these global filters to all feeds. I am trying to remove all adult related content,



Submitted by support on Mon, 2013-05-27 08:54

Hi Darren,

The best global filter for dropping multiple categories would be Drop Record RegExp which will save having to add individual Drop Record filters against each merchant's category names. The RegExp means "Regular Expression", meaning that you can specify a list of keywords (or exact values) to match as follows -

(Category 1|Category 2|Category 3) other words, a pipe separated list of categories / keywords to match, all enclosed in brackets.

What I normally do is go to Global Filters, add a new Drop Record RegExp filter to the Category field, and then in a new window, open the Category Mapping tool, and go to the configuration page for any mapping (or create a temporary one if not using), then you can use the helper tool to identify categories or keywords to use in the filter by trying keywords into the search box, and if everything displayed in the results list for that keyword should be dropped, copy the keyword into the filter.

Save the filter, and then re-import and categories matched by the RegExp should cause those records to be dropped, and thus the categories will no longer appear in the database.

Hope this helps!