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Automation Tool

The Automation Tool enables you to set-up file transfer jobs between affiliate networks and the /feeds/ or /voucherfeeds/ folder of your Price Tapestry installation. Compressed files (zip, gzip) can be autodetected and uncompressed.

Creating A New Job

  1. Go to Setup > Automation Tool.
  2. Click New Job.
  3. Enter the source URL of the feed where indicated. HTTP and FTP URLs are supported. For FTP URLs, the username and password required can be included in the URL using the standard format for example:
    (Note: If your FTP username includes the @ character this must be replaced with %40 for use within an FTP URL)
  4. Optionally select whether to auto-detect and uncompress the file as it is downloaded.
  5. Optionally enter a minimum file size in the Abort if less than: box. This feature can be used to prevent good feeds being overwritten with the contents of an invalid feed that might have been generated as a result of a transient error at the server generating the feed.
  6. Select the folder and enter the filename to Save As using .csv or .xml extension.
  7. Click Save to add the job to your site, or Save and Run to add then immediately run the new job.

Running A Job

  1. Go to Setup > Automation Tool.
  2. Click Run alongside the job you wish to run.


  • Configured jobs can be run automatically using the fetch.php automation script, or together with a complete import of all feeds using cron.php
  • To run jobs manually from the Automation Tool page your /feeds/ and /or /voucherfeeds/ folders must be writable by PHP. The easiest way to do this is normally via your FTP program. In the remote window, right-click on the feeds folder of your Price Tapestry installation and look for Permissions... or maybe Properties... and then Permissions. Then give WRITE access to all users - Owner / Group / World.
  • If setting up a job for a feed that you have already uploaded, registered and imported manually, don't forget to make sure that the Filename to save as exactly matches the existing file.