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Merchant Logos

Merchant Logos can be displayed in place of the merchant name in the price comparison table on product pages. Always make sure that you have permission to use any logos. Logos can be uploaded manually to the /logos/ folder of your installation, or if that folder is WRITABLE by PHP, using the form displayed on the Merchant Logos page.

Merchant Logo filenames

Merchant logos are displayed whenever there is a valid image file within the /logos/ folder with a filename exactly matching the merchant name as it is displayed on your site combined with the value of $config_logoExtension as defined in config.advanced.php which defaults to ".img". For example, if you have a merchant called "Widget Co", upload the logo image file as

/logos/Widget Co.img

Adding a new logo

Note: This form is only displayed if your /logos/ folder is WRITABLE by PHP (see above). Using this method, logos will be uploaded using the correct filename so the filename on your local computer does not matter.

  1. Go to Content Management > Merchant Logos.
  2. Select the merchant name where indicated.
  3. Click Browse alongside Image Filename and locate the merchant logo image file on your local computer.
  4. Click Upload.