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  • Product Mapping / Category Mapping soft integration
  • Deprecated: Brand Mapping


  • Deprecated: Slow Import
  • Deprecated: Shopping List
  • Deprecated: Voucher Codes
  • Deprecated: Product Meta Data
  • Deprecated: Product Mapping by RegExp
  • Deprecated: Category Hierarchy Mapping


  • Search and Replace RegExp filter
  • {fieldname} placeholder support for Text Before / Text After filters
  • Edit All functionality for Category Hierarchy Reverse Mapping
  • Voucher codes maximum price eligibility criteria support


  • Maintenance update for PHP 8.1 compatibility


  • Shopping List
  • Product Meta Data update to Product Mapping functionality


  • New "Responsive HTML Plus" template with category hierarchy drop-down and breadcrumbs
  • Category Hierarchy Reverse Mapping by Merchant


  • Category Hierarchy Mapping
  • Product Mapping by RegExp
  • Feed Utilities


  • New responsive HTML default template and administration area


  • HTML5/CSS3 standard template update
  • Voucher code feed support
  • Zero down-time import
  • Improved index strategy for faster search
  • Sitemap protocol version 0.9 update


  • Category Mapping Helper
  • Product Mapping Helper
  • Featured Products Helper
  • Automation Tool
  • CRON Script
  • Niche Mode
  • Discount Voucher Codes
  • Merchant Logos
  • Global Filters
  • Scriptable (CRON compatible) Slow Import Tool


  • Multi-merchant feed support (or multiple feeds for the same merchant)
  • Automatic field selection on Feed Registration Step 2
  • Full and URL Safe product name fields included in database
  • Keyword based Category Mapping
  • Keyword based Product Mapping
  • Slow Import Tool
  • Product Finder
  • Database Tool (Backup and Restore)
  • Control over feed directory location
  • Control over use of Full Text index
  • Control over inclusion of description field in search
  • Field trimming during import
  • Strip HTML filter (description field no longer cleansed by default)
  • Minimum (minPrice) and maximum (maxPrice) URL parameters supported by search.php