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review and product combined

Submitted by wilkins on Sat, 2016-02-27 10:12.

Hi David

I am moving all sites to latest version, is it possible to combine product and review page into one?



Submitted by support on Sun, 2016-02-28 11:19.

Hello Brent,

I've just posted an updated Product and Reviews Merged download. In addition to the replacement products.php you should edit includes/tapestry.php, locate the tapestry_reviewHREF() function beginning at line 74:

  function tapestry_reviewHREF($product)
    global $config_baseHREF;
    global $config_useRewrite;
    if ($config_useRewrite)
      return $config_baseHREF."review/".urlencode(tapestry_hyphenate($product["normalised_name"])).".html";
      return $config_baseHREF."reviews.php?q=".urlencode($product["normalised_name"]);

...and REPLACE with just:

  function tapestry_reviewHREF($product)
    return tapestry_productHREF($product);